Integrative Man
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Integrative Man
The new masculinity is about the exercise of conscious choice. There is a new paradigm of conscious men emerging. Be one of them.

Integrative man Coaching

with Jon Straub


There is a new paradigm emerging for conscious men.

Jon guides a man to look within and discover his purpose and mission; to discover how to optimally fuel his body with quality nutrients and superfoods for energy and vitality,  to be in touch with his feelings but not ruled by his feelings, to live a life that is aligned with his purpose, while honoring the commitments he made during that pursuit.

Jon's unique coaching method guides men to discovery of their unique calling, offers a personalized health optimization plan, and provides support and accountability for lasting results.


90-Day Health Optimization

Discover the healthy habits that make you a better leader and seamlessly integrate them into your life in just 3 months.


  • Your Wellness Roadmap: a customized plan with morning, afternoon, and evening routines, clear guidelines on what to eat and where, 15 minute workouts, guided meditations, and Jon’s top 3 healthy rules.
  • 8 60-minute private coaching sessions with Jon
  • Unlimited email support

The Results: You…

  • Less stressed
  • Sleeping better
  • Higher energy level
  • Always performing at your peak
  • Highly focused
  • More productive
  • Completely “health-sufficient”
  • Happier


Uncover the strategies to gain more energy, focus, and productivity as you build your business.

In his workshops, Jon reveals his healthy lifestyle rules, plus the 10 habits you can shift right now in order to experience an elevated level of health in 30 days or less.



The Way of the Integrative Man retreats are coming to you soon.

Join Jon on the path to harnessing your power, creativity and strength as an Integrative Man in this important time. In these unique retreats, we will explore all facets of conscious masculinity and learn how to successfully apply these principles for a more fulfilling, healthy, productive life.

Our retreats are for men who wish to breakthrough to a deeper, more satisfying, and more enriching experience of their personal lives, careers, and relationships. Core concepts that will be explored in depth are - getting present to your purpose and life mission, bringing authenticity and clarity into your relationships, discovering honesty and clear communication with yourself and others, and practices for a sustained state of health and vitality as an Integrative Man.