my storY

My journey into resilience and empowerment began nearly half a decade ago. I experienced a major breakthrough after I my marriage ended in a long and painful divorce. In the midst of our divorce, the company I started and poured my heart and soul into also failed. Watching both my career and marriage crumbling crushed my self-esteem and forever changed me as a human being, and as a man.

In the most heartbreaking moments, I felt alone, my confidence was shattered, I felt shameful and was so energetically depleted that I was unable to pick up the pieces and move forward. I felt like I couldn’t trust or open myself up fully and I had trouble connecting deeply with anyone in my life.

From my personal experience and learning from men I’ve worked with, I seen that women innately are more connective, vulnerable and open to sharing, and men often hold their shame and fear of judgement in. During my journey, I found it difficult to find a community of men who resonated with what I was going through and who could offer their support, a safe space to share, and unwavering trust. Traditional gender roles suggest men are supposed to be the strong force, yet so many people, regardless of gender, are going through challenging times and fear the critism that may accompany being truly vulnerable. The truth is, we need each other more than ever, and men need strong men to band with and take responsibility together.

I began an introspective journey of healing and became fully honest with my feelings in my solitude. I allowed myself to cry and feel the pain I was going through. I discovered meditation, exercise, journaling, and changed my diet. Having a routine of activities that were healthy and supportive to my lifestyle changed everything.

If I had a community of brothers, it would have taken weeks or months rather than years to turn my life around and feel happy again. In the midst of my journey, I thought, “I can’t be the only guy going through this.” I knew I had to create something meaningful for men looking for support in NYC and around the world.

As I have now began to share my story with other men and see how they also felt alone in their struggles and breakdowns, we have realized that together we have all needed each other for support. This has inspired me to create Integrative Man. I wish this existed when I was going through the dark days of feeling depleted and isolated.

Integrative Man was built on my vision to support for men going through similar life transitions. Once we open up to each other, we realize we aren’t alone. As Integrative Men, we integrate new methods of holistic lifestyle practices into our lives constantly. This keeps us consistently evolving, up-leveling our relationships, and keeping our vibration high so we can maintain healthy, conscious relationships and help inspire lasting change in our world.

Having a mentor keeps us accountable to be our best self. I had an incredible mentor in my life, Dr. Ken Redcross, a board-certified Internal Medicine physician based in New York City. I learned how supportive it felt to have a strong male mentor to guide me in my personal life. I learned practices of personal integrity that I may not have ever discovered alone.

What distinguishes me as your coach is that through my personal experiences with relationships, post trauma, and successes and failures in starting businesses for the past 25 years, I have been blessed to work with practitioners and entrepreneurs who are involved with cutting-edge work. I am grateful to have access to these incredible practitioners and resources, and it is my purpose to give these to you.

As we work together, I will utilize my network and team to help you reach your desired goal and I will work in tandem with them. Consider this your personal Integrative Man squad.

I strive to offer you personalized, individual support - because every man is different, and you deserve to be heard, seen, and supported in your personal journey.

I am here for you.