Introducing The Integrative Man Session - 60 minutes

Introducing The Integrative Man Session - 60 minutes


A coaching relationship with Jon begins with an in-person meeting and an introspective intake form – through which we get to know each other, your hurdles and your goals.

After which we'll build your personalized roadmap into wellbeing.

By the end of our session, you will have an intentional map to your week that may outline commitments in nutrition, movement, recovery, mindset, spiritual connection, and relationships.

We will decide whether to continue with 90-day personal coaching relationship or group coaching to offer you the best support and accountability.

Typically a session combines:

  • A conversation around your current challenges, pain points, and goals

  • A deep look into your current nutrition, diet, and movement routine

  • Creating routines to manage energy levels and proactively dispel stress

  • Navigating relationships by cultivating honesty and intimacy

  • Achieving a balanced, harmonious life in an urban environment

Are you curious what your roadmap looks like?

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